Saturday, 19 August 2017

New patterned men's tights from Comfort4Men

German men's hosiery brand Comfort4Men have just announced the launch of two new styles of men's tights.

The first style is the 50 denier diamond-patterned tights with Lycra 3D.

These are available in both high waist and low waist styles.

The second style is the 60 denier fashion dots opaque tights with Lycra 3D. These are also available in both high waist and low waist styles.

There is an introductory offer available. If you bear two pairs of these tights you will get a 20% discount. The offer is valid for orders until 22 August 2017.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Behind The Scenes - Wolford Autumn/Winter 2017/18

Top European hosiery brand Wolford recently released a new video on their Autumn/Winter 2017/18 collection.

In the film you can see they that they also have a male model wearing Wolford opaque tights.

It's another nice sign of Wolford's inclusivity of both genders, and their awareness that men are also their customers.

Don't forget to check out the Unisex section of the Wolford online shop, where you can find a specially curated selection of Wolford tights and socks that are recommended for men, with the help of the Hosiery For Men blog.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Falke men's tights

The leading European hosiery brand Falke offers a wide range of tights for men with different functions: for warmth and for sports.

We provide here an overview of the current range of tights for men.

Falke Men Tights Warm

The long tights for men are simply essential for winter sports. The two-layer structure on the outer thigh is particularly good at keeping out the cold wind on the downhill run. Flex zones on the knees support maximum mobility, while ventilation zones facilitate quick drying at the backs of the knees.

Falke Men Long Tights Maximum Warm

This full-length ski underwear has been designed as a base layer for sporting excellence. Its seamless finish uses the principle of body mapping to enhance the fit and your movements. Special compression zones also provide for pleasant stimulation of the muscles. Ventilation inserts behind the knees cater for a healthy body climate with enhanced moisture transportation and rapid drying.

Falke Men Long Tights Athletic

Light long tights for the ambitious male runner in any climate 1. Double face material for optimum moisture transport 2. Climate zones for targeted ventilation 3. tight fit with comfortable compression

Falke Men Long Tights: Wool-Tech

These long tights made of high-quality merino wool cater for a dry body climate and protect against under-cooling. The knee flex features special ventilation zones, perfect for sporting action and skin-friendly moisture transportation. The body-hugging fit allows you to wear multiple layers without any issues.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Sheer Chemistry launch: 7 June 2017

We were delighted to attend the launch of hosiery brand Sheer Chemistry in London yesterday. Congratulations to Tahlia, the founder of Sheer Chemistry for bringing her vision to fruition.

Sheer Chemistry celebrates the "diverse beauty of women of all shades of brown", and offer tights in five shades to match different skin tones.

Havana Glow: Sun-kissed with a luminous glow of an endless summer.

Rio Romance: Tinted with the sensual hue of moist sand and deep burnished bronze.

New York Soul: A soulful mix of warm baked clay and tawny copper tones.

Nairobi Sunrise: An alluring union of roasted earth, lustrous amber and maroon rust.

Parisian Dream: Rich melanin gold, reminiscent of polished mahogany.

Here are some images from the launch event.

We look forward to trying out the great samples we were given. Stay tuned for reviews.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Dress My Legs launch new website

DressMyLegs is an online hosiery store that we have featured frequently at Hosiery For Men for their great customer service, selection of brands and competitive pricing.

The DressMyLegs website has been redesigned and relaunched this week.

To celebrate the launch there is a great offer: €5.00 off everything when you spend €25.00.

But hurry as this offer ends on Wednesday 7 June.

DressMyLegs has a section of the online store specifically focused on tights for men, with all the products selected linked to reviews at Hosiery For Men, so you can get a detailed assessment of each style.

If you have any queries or questions about which tights are best for you, or need recommendations, we can guarantee that you will find the customer service at DressMyLegs top class.

Sheer Chemistry tights launching this week!

Last year Hosiery For Men published news of a hot new London-based hosiery brand, Sheer Chemistry.

You can still read our interview with Tahlia Gray, the founder and director of Sheer Chemistry.

Tahlia started Sheer Chemistry to provide tights for women of all shades of brown.

Tahlia provides some background to the brand:

"Women of all shades of brown have always struggled to find the right kind of nude, sheer tights to match their skin tone. Time and time again they have been forced to fit into the beige-coloured 'nudes', and confined to a cycle of disappointment and exclusion from the fashion and beauty industry."

“Sheer Chemistry has come to bring greater diversity to the hosiery market and to provide women of all shades of brown with much needed choice. Our tights are perfectly made to blend in with all brown skin tones, and to give women the confidence to stand out.”

Sheer Chemistry launches on 7 June 2017 with a collection of tights in five shades of brown.

Havana Glow: Sun-kissed with a luminous glow of an endless summer.

Rio Romance: Tinted with the sensual hue of moist sand and deep burnished bronze.

New York Soul: A soulful mix of warm baked clay and tawny copper tones.

Nairobi Sunrise: An alluring union of roasted earth, lustrous amber and maroon rust.

Parisian Dream: Rich melanin gold, reminiscent of polished mahogany.

There are three products in the Sheer Chemistry range

Radiance – 10 denier gloss tights. Irresistibly silky sheer-to-waist tights, designed to give your legs a naturally radiant glow.

Ambition – 15 denier matt tights. For all-day flawless, velvety smooth legs, designed to make you feel unstoppable.

Confidence – 15 denier control tights. The ultimate confidence boost, designed to smooth your waist, lift your bum and tone your thighs.

Hosiery For Men will be publishing a report on the launch event this week to which we have been invited. Stay tuned!

We hope to get to try some of the Sheer Chemistry tights also!

Monday, 22 May 2017

New styles of men's tights at Activskin

Hosiery brand and retailer Activskin has launched two new styles of tights for men.

A859 Thermofabric Full Support Tights with Fly

This style of opaque tights for guys is designed to deliver climate control with good compression. The male-comfort front panel has a convenient but unobtrusive fly opening. Because of the front panel there is no need for a gusset here. These are especially popular among construction workers, public service workers, and other men who want warm legwear and good compression for all-day support but can’t stand the bulkiness of other cool weather undergarments. Plus it won't be too hot indoors. Can be worn with shorts in cool weather. Great for sports (biking and running) because on cool days it will provide warmth at the beginning of your workout without getting too warm later on and good compression enhances blood flow to legs and feet. If you want warmth and comfort indoors and out, this is your style.

Available in Black only.

Sizes: L, XL and XXL. M coming soon.

A678 Microfabric Support Sheer Pantyhose with Fly

The leg fabric in these tights glides well under trousers. The reinforced brief provides support, too, making it perfect for guys who want to be cool and comfortable and have just a little bit of slimming at the abdomen. This style features a lightly reinforced toe for added strength and durability. Even if the fly opening isn't used for its functionality, the lower fly panel stretches to form a pouch to support "male equipment" very comfortably, making this style unequivocally the most comfortable men's pantyhose on the market.

This is a new style from Activskin's supplier. Initial feedback is that the legs may be on the short side. If you're tall, order one size up to get the leg length you need.

Sizes: L, XL and XXL only.

Available in Beige. Black, and Tan.