Monday, 18 September 2017

Reviewed: Adrian 40 Denier Men's "Stripes" Tights

I recently purchased a pair of the 40 Denier Men's "Stripes" Tights made by the Polish brand Adrian.

The "Stripes" tights are part of the extensive range of men's tights from Adrian.


The Adrian 40 Denier Men's "Stripes" Tights are attractively packaged.

The tights are housed in a plain white card flat box, which is is inserted into a card sleeve that provides all the product information.

Inside the box, the tights are folded around a rectangular card that provides for information and images of Adrian men's tights. This is then housed in a transparent plastic envelope.

Material and features

First impressions on removing the tights from the packaging are positive. The tights are soft and have a quality feel.

These are 40 denier tights made with 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane (Lycra).

As can be seen in the images, the "Stripes" tights have an attractive rib pattern that extends all the way to the waistband.

The waistband is 4.5cm wide.

The brief is deep and comfortable. Adrian have clearly designed the the tights to fit the male anatomy, and a front panel, without a fly opening, is also provided. Seams are flat throughout.

Toes are rounded and without reinforcement.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Adrian 40 Denier Men's "Stripes" Tights are available in three sizes: 3 (M), 4 (L) and (5) XL.

I tested the tights in the Large size. My height is about 177cm and the L size was perfect.

The "Stripes" tights have excellent leg length and were easy to put on. They needed no stretching at all.

Opacity is excellent and even throughout. In appearance they look much denser that what you would expect for 40 denier tights.

Fit was really exceptional. The tights mould beautifully to the leg. The brief is deep and the waistband sits comfortable above the waist. The male front panel is really well designed - it extends below the crotch and joins into a single rear seam (no rear panel).

Best of all, these tights feel incredibly soft and smooth to the touch.

Glide is excellent under trousers.

Colour range

The Adrian 40 Denier Men's "Stripes" Tights are available in two colours: grey with black (nero) stripes, and denim blue (jeans) with black (nero) stripes.

I tried the jeans/nero shade which is similar to navy blue.

Price and availability

The Adrian 40 Denier Men's "Stripes" Tights can be purchased via the Adrian online shop for €5.13.

They are also available from the following retailers:


The Stylish Fox

I purchased them from the online retailer Aurellie for just £5.99. The first pair I received was actually fault but they were immediately replaced with another pair. The customer service was excellent.


I was actually quite surprised at just how excellent these Adrian "Stripes" tights are.

The material, design, fit and wearing experience were all top notch and all this for just £5.99 (if purchased from Aurelie).

They are easily the nicest Adrian style I have tried so far and I now plan to get a pair in the grey shade as well.

For quality and value these deserve a Hosiery For Men recommendation.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Guest review: Wolford Satin Opaque Nature Tights

We have just received a guest review from George, a Hosiery For Men reader.

He has
submitted this detailed and insightful review of the Wolford Satin Opaque Nature Tights.

Released in the autumn of 2016 the Satin Opaque Nature Tights are not as widely known as other opaque tights from the Wolford range.

As the name suggests, the Satin Opaque Nature Tights are a product containing a natural fibre and with this comes a host of unique benefits not typically seen in tights of a similar ilk.

‘Natural’ product tights are more often than not either of a silk, wool, or cotton construct and with that comes their typical disadvantages – too warm, skin irritation, or in the case of silk it can be cost, and typically a product that looses shape/fit rapidly.

So one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of hosiery today, Wolford, have taken a natural fibre developed in Japan (Cupro), combined it with polyamide and elastane to create a durable comfortable and semi-opaque product.


The tights are everything that you come to expect from the Wolford stable – very well packaged, folded around a cardboard sleeve which is then protected by an outer cardboard envelope to then be inserted in a clear bag.


On removing from the packaging you are immediately aware of the very soft feel of the material – no scratchy wool texture – and something that is not commonly found in tights today of the non-support variety, a reinforced heel. In addition to the reinforced heel, which is a feature to be welcomed for men in particular as it helps with wear, but it also has a reinforced sole bridging the gap between toe section and heel. I have a shoe size of 11 and the foot section fits me perfectly in the XL size.

The introduction of the reinforced sole is an absolute masterstroke from Wolford. Nothing is more uncomfortable than moisture or sweat when wearing tights, but in utilising this innovative Cupro material the issue of moisture is resolved as it naturally wicks it away from the skin. The natural wicking properties of this material also has a significant benefit when wearing the tights underneath jeans or trousers; it helps prevent over heating at the same time as providing the warmth of a semi-opaque.

Apart from the impressive design of the foot, the tights also feature a super-deep comfort waistband of 5.5cm that prevents the tights from digging in, rolling, and as such I find that they require no adjustment during wear and in so doing provide an altogether very comfortable wearing experience. Seams are flat, and as is customary in Wolford XL size tights, a cotton gusset is featured rather than a back-panel in a sheer to waist product.


Being semi-opaque (50 denier) these tights provide an even degree of coverage with some show through, especially in areas of stretch such as the knee and thigh, although generally matt in appearance they can have the very slightest soft satin sheen in direct light. Colour is consistent throughout as you would expect from Wolford, and because of the unique construction process the Cupro yarn is combined in a spiral knit with elastane to provide a comfortable fit with no bagginess or sagging.

A range of dark colours, suitable for wearing with trousers, are available in sizes from XS through XL making them especially suitable for men (they really should appear in the Wolford Unisex selection), I particularly like the Admiral and Anthracite shades.


Being 5’11” and of large build I find that the XL size is true to the description on the Wolford size chart with very good leg length, not constrictive around the hips or tummy and enough stretch to fit comfortably at or above my waistline.

The material does not snag easily and I have no pulls in them making them very easy to put on.


Yet another technological and innovative product from the house of Wolford. I purchased my ones directly from Wolford online. priced at €39.00. These are priced very well for the quality presented and durability of the product (I have two pairs from autumn 2016 and they remain in perfect condition after multiple wears and washes).

The premium features, the natural wicking of the material makes them a pleasure to wear throughout the day. I highly recommend these tights for men.

Wolford Opaque 70 Tights Available Again

The Wolford Opaque 70 tights are back for autumn!

One our recommended hosiery retailers, UK Tights, now has them back in stock.

UK Tights state:

"Opaque 70 is a wonderful design, like everything in Wolford's range, but the most unique thing about it is its rarity. Opaque 70 is even more limited than an ordinary fashion item, being produced only in the smallest quantities. Wolford sells their items in hundreds of boutiques all over the world, but this design has been reserved for only the top few retailers, including UK Tights."

These tights appear occasionally as a limited edition and then disappear. So you do need to get them while you can.

They are available in three colours and are sized up to XL.

You can read a review of the Opaque 70 tights here.

We also published a guest review by Hosiery For Men reader Lei.

Friday, 15 September 2017

New review on the way - Adrian "Stripes" Tights for Men

You may have noticed that Hosiery For Men has been a little less busy in the recent period.

After a bit of a break we are now getting back up to speed again. Stay tuned for a forthcoming review of these 40 Denier Men's "Stripes" Tights from the Polish brand Adrian.

Bataillon Belette: A new hosiery brand from Germany

Bataillon Belette is a new hosiery brand from Germany.

The concept behind the brand is based on giving a fashion basic, a pair of tights, a long overdue upgrade.

"With Bataillon Belette, a spare pair of tights in your handbag and worries about ladders and runs are all a thing of the past. We have created robust designer tights and have transformed this often underrated fashion basic into a second skin – one which you can rely on implicitly. Thanks to the long-lasting and robust material, Bataillon Belette tights have a much longer lifespan than conventional models. The reinforced panty section with integrated gusset and flat comfort seam make these tights the perfect companion – even under figure-hugging clothing. And being cut lower on the hip means they flatteringly highlight legs and derriere. Thereby turning your outfit into a head-turner and your Bataillon Belette into a covetable fashion accessory."

Two products are currently available:

The Bel40 Super Robust Tights

The BEL40 are semi-opaque, 40 denier tights. Sitting more on the hip, with a wider waistband, reinforced panty section and a comfort seam.

The Bel80 Super Robust Tights

The BEL80 are opaque 80 denier tights. This style also sits more more on the hip, and has a wider waistband, reinforced panty section and a comfort seam.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

New from Kunert: the Sensual range

Yesterday we published news of the new Raffinesse Rib Tights by Kunert.

Today we  bring you news of an impressive new collection from Kunert of hosiery styles for autumn/winter 2017: the SENSUAL range.

There are two elements to the Sensual collection: SENSUAL COTTON and SENSUAL SILK.

A key feature of the SENSUAL COTTON is the comfort and their skin-friendly quality.

The range includes socks, knee highs, leggings and tights.

The SENSUAL COTTON tights are available in six sizes including a 48/50 XXL size, which is good news for men.

The key feature of the SENSUAL SILK range of socks, knee highs and tights is, as the name implies, the silk content.

The SENSUAL SILK tights are made from cotton and silk. Soft and supple, with pressure-free comfort waistband, these tights aim to offer a particularly comfortable wearing feeling every day.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

New from Kunert: Raffinesse Rib Tights

Leading German hosiery brand Kunert has some nice new additions this autumn.

One of the picks has to be these Raffinesse Rib Tights.

These tights have a thin rib motif that looks elegant and smart.

They are available in three colours (Black, Marine and Basalt) and Kunert's customary generous sizing range.

The Raffinesse Rib tights are priced at a very reasonable €14.00.

Stay tuned for news on Kunert's new Sensual range.